Rhinoplasty costs will vary depending on what type of rhinoplasty procedure you will be having. First lets discuss the cost of rhinoplasty in western countries. The following costs are related to having rhinoplasty in Australian (which is where a majority of patients are from). Bear in mind that plastic surgery costs in Australia are quite high compared with those in the US and other parts of the world.

The Surgeon’s Cost

When considering how much does rhinoplasty cost, the largest cost is the rhinoplasty surgeon’s cost.
Surgeons in Australian can charge up to $9000 to change the shape of a nose and add extra costs if you have a deviated septum which requires septoplasty. A septoplasty corrects the architecture of the nose so that you can breathe evenly through both nostrils if your nose has been knocked out of shape at any time in your life. At the end of the day, choose a surgeon that you feel confident in their skills and experience.

Hospital Costs

Some surgeons will carry out the procedure in their own operating room, however if they choose to perform the surgery in a hospital – you will need to cover that cost too. Sometimes rhinoplasty surgeons have their own day surgery rooms which lowers the overall cost of the operation.
Theatre costs for a small private hospital can cost up to $2500 for 2 hours of operation. Furthermore you need to add the cost of overnight stay in the hospital which could be $800+.

Anaesthetist Costs

Anaesthetist charges are usually a flat fee and will not vary based on the length of the operation. The cost is around $2000.

Before and After Operation Medications

Australian surgeons usually supply a before and after pack of medications within their price package but here’s roughly the cost involved for the cost of the medications.

To minimise bruising – Arnica tablets (2 bottles) $15 each
Topical cream to mimise bruising – Arnica or Hirudoid cream
Course of antibiotics $23
Otrivin nose drops $15
To clean the nose – Fess nose drops $15
For pain relief – Panadeine Forte


Although resting may not seem like a cost, it’s a hidden cost as you are forgoing at least 2 weeks of pay as you need to stay away from children and sharp objects until your nose is healed.

Summary of Costs in Australia

Surgeon $9000+
Theatre $2500+
Hospital Stay $800+
Anaesthetist $2000
Total Cost: $15,000+

Rhinoplasty Costs in Bangkok Thailand

Now for you to have rhinoplasty in Bangkok, the costs are significantly reduce and the side benefit is that you get to go on a holiday as well!

Below are an approximation of costs in Baht (BHT) for rhinoplasty procedures and will vary depending on your surgeon’s skills and expertise.

Nose Reshaping (in Baht)
Rhinoplasty reduction & Septoplasty 220,000
Revision Reduction Rhinoplasty 300,000
Alarplasty  20,000
Rhinoplasty Augmentation 30,000

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