What is Osteotomy for rhinoplasty?

Osteotomy for rhinoplasty involves a surgical operation whereby the bone is broken, shaved and shifted into place to achieve symmetry and to improve breathing difficulties.

Osteotomy for Rhinoplasty

What is the purpose of Osteotomy for rhinoplasty?

The main purpose of Osteotomy for rhinoplasty is to fix nasal damages or correct the airway that makes it difficult for the patient to breath on the nose.

It can be performed as an optional treatment to narrow and shaved down to improve appearance the appearance of the nose.

While Osteotomy is done with the purpose of slimming nasal bones, could the bones shift back and move?

Yes, when the bones are damaged and becomes mobile, there’s a big possibility that a nasal bone will move or shift to some place along the length of the bone (front or back).

The bones are very susceptible throughout the initial month after Rhinoplasty surgery.

It is advise that patients who undergone Rhinoplasty to rest on a U formed cushion and stay clear of any type of nasal contact for 1 month after their Rhinoplasty.

Considerable changes, in the nasal bones, are rather rare however the shifting of bones may take place.

Osteotomy for symmetrical, straight, but fat nose?

Osteotomy is not for everyone, some surgeons may choose not to perform osteotomy while other surgeons may find that breaking of the bones will allow your face to achieve better symmetry.

However performing osteotomy along with septoplasty will allow you to narrow your nose profile, reduced the bulge on the bridge and slim the appearance of the nostril.

These are the common objectives, however your surgeon will make recommendations to suit your facial structure.

Usually, Osteotomy for rhinoplasty is a procedure where the surgeon shaves down the bone and grafts cartilage.

As soon as this is done, the skin then needs to cleaned thoroughly and redraped over the new modified bone structure.

Osteotomy under the hands of a skilled surgeon will make an enormous improvement to your breathing and facial appearance.

Ostetomy for rhinoplasty

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