Rhinoplasty for men is a completely different procedure when compared to woman’s rhinoplasty.

In general, the surgical techniques of rhinoplasty are the same for male and female patients but the aesthetic goals are a little different.

Male noses tend to have a more prominent, straighter bridge and greater width to the middle of the nose.

The tip in men should be less rotated; classically, the angle between the nose and the upper lip is described as being between 90 and 95 degrees.

Some women, in particular, those of shorter stature, can tolerate another 5-10 degrees of tip rotation and a small supratip break, the subtle indentation along the bridge just above the tip.

Also, men usually have thicker skin, which affects the overall refinement of the nose.

There is no perfect nose for male or female, rather the nose should complement the person’s existing features and be based on the patient’s individual aesthetic sense and other facial features.

The osteotomies (constricting of the nasal bones) are entirely various in a male rhinoplasty and a female rhinoplasty.

Women typically find small constricting of the nose on frontal sight.

How does a man’s nose appearance vary from a ladies’s nose?

Similar to female rhinoplasty, there is a wide range of characters and demands for male rhinoplasty. 

A man’s nose needs to be strong and masculine. Most of the time, men ask for a more powerful dorsum with a slight protrusion at the nasal tip. 

While numerous ladies seek for a narrower nose for a softer feminine profile.

Male Rhinoplasty
Man’s nose profile
female rhinoplasty
Women’s nose profile

Important Pointers on your Initial Consultation:

  • Be specific to what you’d like to achieve with your surgery.
  • Undergo a comprehensive examination by your doctor.
  • Your doctor will tell you exactly what he finds and why.
  • Make sure that any questions you have about insurance and financing are completely answered.

As part of your consultation process, your surgeon should give you the opportunity to analyze pictures of his clients.

Looking at his past client procedures to ensure that you could understand on your own nose and surgery expectations.

He will review with you how your nose should complement your existing features and bone structure such as:

  • the range in between your eyes
  • the dimension of your lips to your nose
  • the dimension and form of your chin
  • and whether all these factors will affect your facial features.

It is very important that you and your surgeon agree on the desired results and technicals of your surgical procedure in order to achieve the outcomes that you really want.

Why do men want male rhinoplasty?

An increasing number of males undertaking rhinoplasty for various reasons.  Enhancing the dorsum can improve a man’s appearance and boost his self-confidence.

Nose surgery strategies have changed over the last many years. Historically, nose job has actually been taken as a reductive procedure.

This has led to increase in job opportunities and physical appearance to the opposite sex.

Before and After photos of Male Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty before and after
Male rhinoplasty before and after

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