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An ENT surgeon is someone who treats medical conditions and ailments that affect the ear, nose and throat as well as the neck and head.

Depending on their sub-specialty, the doctor can perform rhinoplastic cosmetic surgery and improve the appearance of your nose.

As an ENT doctor understand the anatomy of a nose, having an ENT specialist perform your rhinoplasty is a double bonus.

Different Types of ENT Surgery

An ENT surgeon deals primarily with the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases and ailments that afflict the throat, nose and ears.

There are several surgery sub specialties including otology, treating damages that have been inflicted on the ear and more. In addition to these:

  • Pediatrics – some ENT specialists treat young patients who suffer from ENT problems at a young age.  These problems usually include adenoid infection and airway problems.
  • Facial plastics – this specialty includes jaw resetting, facelifts, pinnaplasty and rhinoplasty.
  • Neck and head surgery – this branch of ENT cover procedures such as treatment of neck and head cancers, parathyroid and thyroid glands and cyst surgery. While it seems far removed from ENT, it is still considered a branch.
  • Laryngology – this is concerned with the treatment of larynx and throat infections that make swallowing difficult.
  • Rhinology– this covers the treatment of nasal (nose) and sinus disorders.

The number of operations that ENT doctors perform varies and depends on their expertise.

Most of them can perform grommet insertion, which allows the air to reach the middle ear, helping the patient hear better and treat infections.

These doctors also perform tonsillectomy, a procedure that removes adenoids or tonsils, as well as septoplasty, where the nasal septum is rectified so you can breathe more easily.

ENT doctors can also perform endoscopic sinus surgery for severe cases of blocked and inflamed sinuses.

In addition, they can also perform a tracheostomy, a procedure that opens another airway in the throat for patients who have difficulty breathing.

Aside from these procedures, these doctors can also treat hearing loss, balance disorders, tinnitus, ear aches and discharges, and various nasal problems including deformity, balance, facial pain, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and tumors.

As throat specialists, they can also treat throat infections and problems.

ENT Qualifications

bangkok rhinoplasty ENT doctor

To become an ear, nose and throat surgeon one needs to be a medical school graduate with specialties in surgery and in ear, nose and throat.

At the very least the doctor needs to have a Bachelor of Surgery degree or Bachelor of Medicine.

Aside from a degree, the surgeon must have surgical training where they will get the necessary certification.

Depending on which country he / she is studying, specialist training and certification is necessary as well as undergo a residency program where they will train and work with other doctors.

Why ENT Doctors are the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons

The reason why ENT doctors make the best surgeons for rhinoplasty is their high skill level, professional training and experience relating to the nose.

It goes without saying that rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgical procedures are delicate operations and require the services of a licensed and professional practitioner.

While there are other medical experts who may be able to perform this surgery, it is recommended that you go with an ENT surgeon since it is one of their recognized specialties.

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