Nose Job Nightmares & Revision Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

The biggest risk in rhinoplasty surgery (or nose job) is that your nose won’t turn out to be the way you envisioned it. Even after looking at a surgeon’s before and after photos of previous patients and asking the right questions – you won’t be able to determine your own personal results until the surgery is completed.

You will be surprised to find that many people go to Bangkok to get their nose repaired from a previous surgeon mistakes from their own country. There is a misconception that because Asia is a developing country then the surgeon’s skill could be in adequate. This is far from the truth.

bangkok revision rhinoplasty

In fact Bangkok Thailand is home to some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the world, many surgeons here have overseas qualifications from America, Canada and Australia. They perform even the most complicated surgeries like transgender transformation and even a full mommy makeovers.

If your first rhinoplasty was a disaster, consider having a revision rhinoplasty done. Revision rhinoplasty or secondary nose job, is a surgery carried out to fix a previous rhinoplasty which did not end up the way the client really wanted.

In some cases a revision rhinoplasty might be called for as the nose shows up out of shape, or to bring back tip support. In one more circumstance, the nose might look cosmetically attractive yet the client experiences an issue with breathing difficulties. However revision rhinoplasty may be considerably more expensive with a price range of $12000+ as the new surgeon will have to work on the past surgeon’s mistakes.

If you require a revision rhinoplasty from an expert but have limited funds, consider looking into a ear nose and throat doctor in Bangkok Thailand who can perform the procedure. Often times, the price is considerably less and these types of surgeons can perform restorative rhinoplasty.

 revision rhinoplasty bangkok

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Bangkok?

If you are looking for economical Rhinoplasty surgery abroad, Bangkok is a place where both both medical treatments and tourist attractions are a highlight.

Instead of the standard breast augmentation, rhinoplasty has become popular due Thai surgeons undertaking their plastic surgery qualification from overseas and setting up shop in Bangkok.

Furthermore the hospitals and facilities now provided to surgeons are outstanding. If an exact rhinoplasty surgical treatment is carried out in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or any western nation, you will be looking at tens of thousands of dollars worth of cost.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

While country of where the surgery is performed is a major determinant of price, quality and safety is still a major factor. You’ll save more on rhinoplasty in Bangkok Thailand with the very same high quality when compared to United Kingdom, United States, Canada and numerous western nations.

rhinplasty costs prices in bangkok

Prices of Rhinoplasty in Bangkok Thailand:

  • $1000$USD to $6000USD depending on rhinoplasty procedure ie alarplasty, septoplasty or a whole nose transformation.
  • In the US the price ranges from $4,000USD to $10,000USD+
  • The average cost in Spain and Europe, ranges from 5,500 US$ to 7,500 US$.
  • In Australia rhinoplasty starts from $ 6,000$ to $10,000AUD.

The total rhinoplasty cost differs depending upon the clinic’s facilities or equipments, innovation, expertise of the cosmetic surgeons or certification of the hospital.

Medical Tourism in Bangkok Thailand

bangkok cosmetic surgeryPersonal health care in the West is extremely costly. A simple trip to the dentist for a tooth filling or crown can be extremely pricey not to mention plastic surgery. The cost for cosmetic and plastic surgery alone goes up to the tens of thousands of dollars.

In a globalised world, gone are the days when individuals from less established countries took a trip to a more
developed country searching for sophisticated healthcare solutions. Asia is rapidly trending into one of the most in demanded locations for clinical trip and Thailand stands right up the ladder. The boom in the cosmetic surgery has resulted in:

  • Low cost medical treatments,
  • Quality hospitals
  • Wellness tourism,
  • Appealing exotic resort destinations
  • International and board qualified surgeons expanding their practices to Bangkok
  • State of the art medical equipment and technologies

Cost effective yet exceptional affordable health care solutions in Thailand are among the main reasons people from around the world decide to visit the country. IVF, plastic surgery, infertility, body organ transplant and oncology are the numerous clinical fields covered in clinical tourism in Thailand.

In Bangkok hospitals, you will find surgeons specialising in cardiology, dental care, bariatric, urology, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgical procedure, neuro & spinal column surgical procedures, gastroenterology, minimally invasive surgical treatment, telemedicine and stem sell treatments.

Bumrungrad International Hospital is definitely impressive, including its over of 1,000,000 square feet looking a great deal like a big shopping mall compared to the normal healthcare center. The degree of support services is impressive. The city has exclusive healthcare facilities that are among the most effective health care facilities in all over the world. The government medical facilities are also comparable to western hospitals if not better and are less crowded.

Language is generally not an issue as the majority of the medical professionals and registered nurses are well versed with English. The majority of the medical facilities in Bangkok likewise supply interpreters for clients in situation the need emerges. Not only does a patient get individualized method along with certified treatment, the medical facility also offers travel assistance.

There are just some of the reasons that make Bangkok Thailand, the number one choice for cosmetic surgery and enhancement.