Barbie line rhinoplasty is the new cosmetic surgery coming out of Korea that promises to transform your nose to the nose of a cute barbie doll.

The Barbie-line rhinoplasty technique is different due to the following factors:

Achieving the perfect nose line through implants:

Artificial implants that help to elevate the nose bridge such as gore-tex and silicone will be applied to nasal dorsum.

For a more natural pointed nose tip, autologous cartilage such as cartilage of ears and nasal septum will be used.

Therefore the procedure will involve 1 synthetic implant and your own cartilage to design your barbie line nose.

The end result is a natural l slope shape nose that is not upturned but with a refined nose tip.

3D visual plastic surgery:

Barbie line rhinoplasty are designed to make you look natural as the implants are sculpted to fit your individual nose.

Therefore it works with your own existing contours and your nose will seem like “your own nose”.

barbie line rhinoplasty

How is Barbie­ Line rhinoplasty done?

  1. The doctor will assess and evaluate your nose and forehead protusion – the point and also the height  of the nose will need to be considered.
  2. Through the evaluation of the 3d scanner, implants will be made. This will certainly see to it that it will suit  your nose well and will certainly look natural  for the same factor.
  3.  Your alar base and columella width will be examined and your nose tip will be tailored.
  4. To create a natural look, your ear cartilage and nasal septum cartilage will be prepared and grafted.
  5. You will be ask to do all the pre operation procedures as part of your preparation for the operation. The surgical procedure will be performed in a clinic or hospital.
  6. The patient can go home after the surgery; there is no need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  7. Follow post-operation measures after barbie line rhinoplasty.

Before and After images of Barbie­ Line Rhinoplasty

Barbie line rhinoplasty before and after

What are the characteristics of Barbie Line Rhinoplasty?

  • Implant administered in the nasal dorsum and in the nasal pointer.
  • Goretex and silicone are being utilized for the dorsum.
  • The tip of the nose have made used of a much more natural cartilage.  It could originate from the ears cartilage material or the nasal septum cartilage material.
  • A natural looking nose, but is better and more presentable and flawless.
  • A resemblance of Barbie’s nose, cute and not disorganized.
  • Specialized  implants which are done to suit your  own nose demands. It fits the nose forms and takes advantage of 3D digital cosmetic surgery.

Recuperation after Barbie Line surgery

After the surgical procedure, a splint will be applied to your nose. 

To lessen swelling, two days after surgery use ice bags and within five to six days, your surgeons will remove nasal splints and stitches upon examination.

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